Trust. Every day

Every day, billions of people around the world use our products, platforms and services

They’re all benefiting from digital security technologies we’ve made convenient and reliable. Our business is about enabling organizations and individuals to interact with confidence and security; and, ultimately, it’s about providing trust. Every day.

We successfully concluded our previous development plan and set ambitious targets for the future

2013 financial highlights

Our 2013 PFO objective was €300m: we exceeded our PFO increase target by 37% €300m

Profit from operations

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  • Revenue all operations


    +6% at historical exchange rate
    +10% at constant exchange rate

  • IFRS net profit



  • Net cash



  • Profit from ongoing operations1



  • Adjusted basic earnings per share1



  • Cash generated from operations


    2012: €323m

  • Profit margin from ongoing operations


    Up 100 basis points

  • Cash dividend per share



  • Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)1


    Up 80 basis points

2014-2017 development plan

We will double our Profit from operations by 2017 €600m

We will generate €1bn revenue in Platforms & Services by 2017

Profit from operations

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We bring trust to our five global markets

  • Mobile Communication
  • Machine to machine
  • Electronic payment
  • eGovernment
  • Enterprise security

In all these markets, our customers have already deployed our solutions in order to protect their investments and reputations, improving the confidence of their users.

These markets are expanding rapidly
and have plenty of room for further growth …

…and other markets have just started implementing our solutions (e.g. retail, automotive etc.)

*Sources: GSMA, EMVCo, National Gold Card Foundation, Nilson Report, ABI Research, Gartner, Ericsson, Gemalto

The world of digital security has immense potential…

The digital world holds more promise for users and providers than ever before.
The potential is immense – and the opportunities are everywhere.

Smart cards to be shipped to the US 2018 (ABI Research) 1bn

eCommerce transactions in 2014 (Capgemini/RBS) 34bn

7.2bn Smart secure devices shipped in 2013 (Eurosmart)

Mobile payment transactions in 2014 (Capgemini/RBS) 28bn

Worldwide IAM market growth rate 2013 (IDC) 10%

LTE connections by 2017 (Gartner) 1bn

Cloud-based security services growth rate 2013 (Gartner) 26%

1.5bn Users already covered by TSM infrastructure (Gemalto)

Connected machines by 2017 (Ericsson) 4.5bn

Trust is fundamental to realizing the opportunities

Trust in the digital world is founded on the confidence in the identities people use to access services.


…need to show their unique digital IDs to service providers

client Embedded Software & Products

back-end Platform & Services

People need a way of proving their identity – a 'client' ID – which can take any number of forms.

In addition, there needs to be a way of verifying that ID and managing its life-cycle – software in the ‘back-end’ server (a platform) and related services do this.

Service providers

…need to be sure that end-users’ IDs are valid and properly managed in order to offer their service in full confidence.

That's our role. To answer these core needs by protecting, verifying and managing digital identities and interactions. And to enable Trust.

Our business model addresses
these core digital security needs

Embedded software & Products (E&P)

Secure devices with our embedded software

Sell products Software and hardware bundles

Sell licences Software only

Increasingly advanced software content

Drawing on our expertise in security and cryptography, we develop and embed secure software in a wide range of products. We personalize these devices with the credentials of our clients and the identities of their customers across hundreds of networks.

Platforms & Services (P&S)

Platforms protecting customer data in the field and management systems running on secure servers in our data centers.

Sell licences pay per user

Operate Platforms & Services pay per usage

Increasing demand for trusted services

We ensure these digital devices are continuously monitored and properly managed while they are in the field. We verify the identities that are presented and perform the transactions required.

Innovation underpins all our activities across the Trust chain


Investment in R&D in 2013

We have unique assets and strong customer focus…

  • Technology

    Our technology to secure digital identities and access services has proven to be an unmatched combination of security,
    and cost

  • Market neutrality

    So that our customers can preserve a trusted, direct and confidential relationship with their end-users, we operate behind the scenes.

  • Customer satisfaction

    We work in partnership with our clients to shape our development. In 2013, in our annual customer survey, a large majority of them said they were satisfied or very satisfied with Gemalto – a world-class rating.


  • Scaled infrastructure

    Our Platforms & Services setup is scaled for our ambitions. We now have fully operational data centers on three continents with platforms handling some 1.3 billion subscribers.


  • Employee engagement

    Our annual employee survey shows a remarkably high level of commitment to Gemalto, with 81% saying they were satisfied with the Company in 2013.


  • People in place

    We have been preparing our teams in growing regions and businesses. In the past three years we have continued to recruit a broad and diverse group of employees, of 80 nationalities, 42% of whom work in P&S activities.


  • R&D leadership

    We get award-winning results with our proactive innovation program and business incubation structure. In 2013 we filed patents for over 110 new inventions.


…operating globally where our clients need us

Offices worldwide 85
Production facilities 15

Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa


Research and software development centers 25

Personalization and data centers 34


Asia Pacific



Nationalities employed 113

North and South America



44 Countries with an operational site

Trust. Every day

That’s what enables Japanese shoppers to pay simply by waving their cellphones – thanks to Gemalto’s Trusted Service Management (TSM) platform.

In 2013, SoftBank Mobile became the second Japanese mobile operator to adopt our contactless payment solution.

Using our trust infrastructure, Softbank Mobile can easily open the ecosystem to new providers, creating a rich portfolio of

Trust. Every day

That’s how millions of people in Bangladesh are gaining access to banking services for the first time.

Our smartcard-based solution brings secure microfinance facilities to people who conventional banks can’t reach.

It’s part of the prime cash program which is contributing to the digital Bangladesh campaign.

Trust. Every day

That’s how the Brazilian Environmental Protection Agency is fighting illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest – using Gemalto’s Cinterion M2M technology.

Rugged, discreet sensors with highperformance wireless connectivity are installed in trees and send alarms if removed from protected areas, enabling officials to track them before they are sold.

Confirming our expertise in the Internet of Things, the solution won a ‘Sesame’ award for its impactful innovation at the 2013 Cartes international tradeshow.

Trust. Every day

That’s how Audi is putting its cars online on the road, with its industry-leading Audi connect LTE/4G infotainment system.

Our M2M technology enables high-speed web services, Wi-Fi, multimedia streaming and enhanced navigation.

It’s fast: connectivity is optimized to favor LTE /4G networks and maximize 3G speeds when 4G is unavailable.

Trust. Every day

That’s what enables Belgium to offer its citizens faster, safer transit at airports using ePassports.

Beginning in May 2014, we’ll supply 400,000 Belgian e-Passports a year, incorporating a chip with our secure software.

Belgium’s e-Passport is one of the most advanced ever, storing unique personal data including fingerprints.

Trust. Every day

That’s what makes secure access to Government services only a PIN away for Finnish citizens

The Finnish Government’s national e-ID scheme now incorporates mobile technology so its citizens can access services...

..and digitally sign documents using their mobile regardless of
the operator.

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