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Communication between machines enables innovative advances in technology. Gemalto is at the forefront in developing M2M capabilities that are improving and simplifying the way you do business. Our M2M portfolio is enabling solutions in industries ranging from healthcare, retail services, smart energy, transportation, logistics, automotive.

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Modules / Terminals

Cinterion modules ensure worldwide cellular footprint, reliable connections, and high speed data transfer. Our solutions are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications as well as offering flexible integration capabilities. We have an extensive portfolio of high quality modules and terminals ranging from advanced to value options.

  • Automotive
    Meeting the high requirements of the automotive industry.
  • Industrial Plus
    For applications, which require latest cellular technology.
  • Industrial
    Scalability, compatibility as well as an easy path to future upgrades.
  • Other families
    For applications, which require an industry standard M2M feature set.
  • Terminals
    An easy and fast way to add M2M communication capabilities to your application.
  • Concept Board
    M2M miniPCIe
    What will you create? The Gemalto M2M Concept Board is the perfect companion to get started in M2M.

Machine Identification Modules (MIM)™

Our Machine Identification Module (MIM)™ is a specialized SIM platform designed specifically for M2M applications. Gemalto's MIM technology secures the identity of machines communicating on wireless networks as well as providing additional features like secure authentication and ciphering. In addition, the MIM is honed to help your M2M applications resist extreme temperatures, endure a long lifespan, to support miniaturization requirements, and integration into manufacturing processes.

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We offer value added services to help you improve the management of your M2M solution. Our service portfolio includes a wide range of options: flexible subscription management, security consulting and analysis, service enablement, and the Application Enablement Platform. Gemalto is increasing the lifespan of M2M devices, simplifying M2M integration, and creating new opportunities for M2M operators.

  • M2M Security

    From end-to-end security consulting, cellular modules with embedded Java Security Framework, embedded MIMs to secure hardware elements for cellular M2M applications.
  • Flexible Subscription Management
    Flexible Subscription Management
    Maximizing the supply chain value with flexible personalization solutions.
  • M2M Service Enablement

    Service Enablement
    Designed for applications, which require an industry standard M2M feature set. They are optimized for single application cases with fixed demands
  • Application Enablement Platform
    Build and Deploy M2M Applications Faster at Lower Costs

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