Mobile Relationship and Commerce

Deploy efficient Mobile Marketing & Commerce programs  with a straightforward mobile « one-click purchase» experience

Are you seeking to increase your direct sales and engage into a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers?

Gemalto brings a full Mobile Marketing Services offer to Mobile Operators seeking for ways to increase their direct sales by engaging in deeper relationship with their customers in the long term. It helps them by monetizing their subscriber-base asset through innovate and high valued services on the mobile.

Services Offer

BUY IN 1-CLICK” is a contextual mobile relationship and commerce solution designed to drive conversion and retention through an extended services portfolio (from mobile operators services to brand services) Gemalto enables Mobile Operators to sell valuable digital goods and services to their entire consumer base at the right moment, with a straightforward and secure mobile «one-click purchase» experience charged directly on operator bill.
Unlike traditional mobile relationship & commerce solution from digital agencies or mobile commerce technical platforms.


  • A complete Marketing Consulting Services offer made of a comprehensive mobile messaging channels (from SMS via Smart Message to App push notification) linked to a fully integrated mobile marketing & commerce platform managed by our marketing consulting expert team.
  • A solution that detects not only the type of mobile environment but also the context in which users are to engage them on the right channel with the right services at the right moment.
  • Compatible with 100% of the installed base as the Smart Message works on any phone (enabling to promote products and services through any type of «Mobile Operator App» when consumer is equipped and through Smart Message if not equipped).

Benefits for you

  • New direct revenue flows thanks to superior response rates and monetization of their subscriber-base asset
  • Simplicity: Integrated one-stop shop solution making it simple to deploy efficient Mobile Marketing & commerce programs
  • Indirect revenue flows from increased customer stickiness.

Benefits for your customers

  • Increased relevance: answering customers needs & preference with highly relevant offers at the right time
  • Enhanced user experience: with a mobile « one-click purchase» experience on operator bill
  • Control over permission and privacy: permission marketing best practices puts the control in the hand of the end-user

Our difference

  • A full marketing consulting services offer based on a strong and long-lasting experience
  • The ability to reach 100% of Mobile Operators customers
  • Better CTR (click through rate) leading to better ROI for Mobile Operators
  • A fully integrated mobile marketing & commerce platform managed by our marketing consulting expert team


They trust us

Gemalto’s best-in-class marketing services help mobile operators build the most engaging mobile marketing strategy, turning customer relationship into valuable dialogues and delivering the right offer in the right context through our unique Smart Message channel.

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