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The Mobile Trust Net is built on a range of embedded software and products to authenticate users and machines.

Our customers, from a small operator to a global service provider consortium, know their data, and their users’ data, is securely managed across applications and services.

It means that users, operators and service providers get the confidence they need to adopt and deploy new mobile services.

Multi-Tenant SIM 

A multi-tenant solution gives different service providers a secure space on one card. They can activate and personalize the data remotely while safely protecting their customer data. The security leaves service providers free to run revenue and loyalty building services.

The result? Operators, banks and retailers can easily launch new services precisely tailored to consumers’ needs, with the security they demand.


    Over 1.5 billion NFC devices shipped last year to support a range of new services. Our interoperable UpTeq NFC SIM card, working on any handset operating system, is the secure, fast way for operators and service providers, to mass deploy contactless services like payment, loyalty and ticketing.

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    The 4G rollout is gathering pace. Deploying our LTE UICC solution delivers new features designed to help deploy and manage multimedia services designed for high-speed network services.

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Embedded Secure Element

New embedded secure elements bring connectivity to a new breed of mobile devices. Available in multiple forms the software supports banking grade authentication and innovative mobile payments solutions in emerging technology.

  • MIM™- for M2M environment

    Our Machine Identification Modules support applications in industries like metering, remote management and healthcare. The technology authenticates machines and secures long-term communication across networks in harsh conditions to increase machine lifecycles and performance.

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We have your devices covered. From future proofing your services to packaging the solutions you put in the hands of your users.

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