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Passengers and transport operators alike are demanding effortless payment options that maximize travel fluidity. Gemalto has a full range of solutions and services that will simplify and secure any transport transaction: e-ticketing, access control, data storage, and authentication.

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In 2011, our portfolio was enhanced with the world's first customized picture card for travel for Stockholm public transport (SL). Around 700,000 commuters use SL services every day.

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Our contactless cards are used to access mass transit systems in 30 of the world's major cities. Passengers appreciate their convenience while operators value the extra revenue protection.

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NFC tapping into Brazilian
transport market

Contactless technology was first adopted in Rio de Janeiro with RioCard transit
card in 2003 and is now a part of the daily routine of millions of users.
Now the idea it's to enhance the usage of NFC technology the same way.

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With over 10 years' experience in the transport industry, Gemalto has had renowned success in implementing a variety of transport solutions and services.

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At Gemalto, we can guide you through the deployment of your payment infrastructure from back-office management to personalized security. Our solutions and services are designed to secure any aspect of your transactions, and are described in more detail in our brochure:

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Gemalto has the largest product portfolio available within the transit market, compatible with many types of multi modal automatic fare collection systems all around the world. The Gemalto transport brand regroups the following product ranges to provide a full range selection of cards- Mifare: high speed, contactless ticketing and access control systems
- Mifare Brand: The brand ranges from low security, cost effective Mifare classic memory cards, to current AES security cards along with flexible file capacity Mifare and Desfire micro-controller cards.
- Calypso Brand: All Calypso brand offers are compatible with Calypso specifications including Revision 2 and Revision 3. In addition, the product is packaged into either a high-end, dual interface or contactless card mode.
- Within the Celego brand, Gemalto also has country specific products that are compatible with local standards and used as solutions for transit and micropayment in China, Taiwan, and Singapore.